Getting real

wow, i cant believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post, it has been very busy and stressful my dissertation is due in a month and I am miles away from completing.

I have had some issues with my participants due to scheduling and etc some have had to drop out and some aren’t available any more to participate #total nightmare.

But Really and truly i am struggling i feel like i have should have started ages ago im getting stuck on what is a paradigm and my epistomological stance ( PRAY 4 me) and basic things that people in my stage should know. I really want to do well lets just hope, pray and wish that I make it In’SH’Allah Khair!

Also Im having major regret with my dissertation project the more i write , the more i realise i am reiterating research that is already there. I want to make a change and i think to a certain extent there is room to make change my focus group gave me hope, i asked my participants questions and we went of topic into a whole new area that has not be researched so i felt like wow why didn’t i go down this route of unexplored greatness!!

There are so many things i would have changed about the whole process and Insh’ALLAH if i do my Masters i will enforce these and hopefully it can make me a better academic and person. WOWW because this year has been such a learning curve



xoxox Nabeela




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