Slow and steady wins the race🖖🏾🐢

Hey everyone! 

Just a delayed update on my focus group. lol I was supposed to blog this two days ago but life got in the way. I feel so overwhelmed with the workload right now and it’s taking its toll on me😿😿😿 so many people are coming up to me saying that they have done their literature reviews methodology etc and I have only just done one part of my research oh hell nah! . But insh’Allah khayr I can do this! Slow and steady wins the race !! I’ve overcome so much in the past three years I’m not gonna let this stop me!! Sooooooo…

Positive mindset!!!! All day everyday lol going back to the original purpose of this post today I am going to talk to you about the focus group. so basically going in to it I was very nervous but I did an icebreaker and slowly I felt more confident and the participants were becoming more comfortable ( i also brought cakes and chocolates;)). So I started the recording after gaining their consent and started with question one and immediately they answered all of the questions within the first questions so I had to improvise and make some more up on the spot and i gained a lot of good answers and feedback 

There was obviously dominant speakers but I ended up directing questions to the quieter particapants and also prompting questions so everyone was able to contribute. 

I ended up getting an hours worth of recording and data and I’m so pleased I’m eternally grateful for the participants because I was able to hear their views and they spoke with honesty and conviction and made me realise that my topic is important and that I can make a change so Many individuals feel failed, underappreciative disrespected by institutions they fought so hard to join and it is very disappointing! 

Xoxo nabeela 


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