Not a morning person.

So it’s 7:50 am and I’m still in bed, my body is saying go back to sleep but my mind is telling me noooooo! Lol have had a late night doing some research for my psychology essay. so it’s only logical I have a lie in right? But no I can’t , I have a very long and important day today- in case you didn’t know today is the day, the day I finally do my research.

I know it’s late but late is better than Never. I need to get this show on the road so I have booked a room at 5pm and the method I am using is a focus group why may you ask because my research is qualitative I want to get an insight into the views beliefs and and opinions of the Group I am researching which is BME students. If you don’t know what that means it’s a term which stands for Black minority ethnic – and is normally used in the U.K. To describe people of non white descent.

Another thing is though I am now so sceptical of that label after going to a meeting, why do we label ourself and if we want to be stop being seen as a minority why do we put outselves in that label. Okkkk my brain is all over the place.  

But I don’t think I have yet mentioned what my research project title is, so here you go it is looking at the the relationship between BME Students engagement with the curriculum and their university experience. The rationale for picking this is because of my positionality really I am  Black , Female and Muslim so I feel like my intersectionality has really played a part in my university experience and how I have engaged with my modules.

I want to gain and understanding of whether there is a correlation between these to factors and if they influence the BME attainment gap. Which is a current debate and to speak frankly I don’t know where I stand if you asked me in September do you feel as if there is a BME attainment gap ?I would say 100% but not I’m not too sure maybe I’m being very critical.

Ok next post will be about my focus groups questions & methodology

 Xoxo Nabeela #thesis #dissertation #university #BME #journey#thesis #methodology #new


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