Something New, Something exciting…

Wow, this is Something new indeed I have decided after many years to create my  first blog. My blog will be based around my dissertation which is due in a month (ah aha in true Nabeela style I am late to the game). But i will also share my thoughts on current topics, poetry (ahhh scary ) and well my life.
I feel like the next few months will be a turning point in my life ( Insh’Allah ) and i want to document everything that happens i also want a space where i can be completely honest no filters! Real talk it out  and and communicate my ideas and finally in general i want to  free my mind i feel like this will be a good stress reliever …
The last few month have been a whirlwind and I just want to share what i have done! I have never done something like this,( so excuse me if the blog is rubbish i can’t design at all )  i love to be an enigma and I rarely share so this is going to be difficult but i am excited for this  journey.
thank you ( if anyone is reading this at all –  & hi!)
xoxo Nabeela.

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